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Zoraida Chong

Panamanian student for the Master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development.


I confess that when I started to think of studying for a Master programme abroad, the first countries that came to my mind were the USA and the UK, because I wanted to travel outside the Spanish-speaking world to experience interaction with other cultures and languages.

Suddenly I discovered this programme while visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Centre website. I immediately fell in love with the idea of coming to Italy, because of the strong reputation this country has in cultural fields.

Now I'm convinced that coming to Turin was the best decision I could have made; this city is one of the better places to live and study in if one is interested in culture and development, such as urban development.

Moreover, the programme I selected offers a rich intercultural experience. Students came from 18 countries and 4 continents. In the same class we had 14 mother tongues.

My background is in social communication and I specialize in journalism and public relations.  I can’t say that my background is representative of my class, because we all come from different fields; nonetheless, we share an interest in sustainable development. When we talk about sustainability, our focus is not limited to the natural environment but cultural aspects of development as well. We all want to design and, hopefully, implement these kinds of projects in our countries.

At this point I want to express my gratitude to the authorities, the private and public organizations and the people that support this Master programme and to the Turin School for Development, because like me, my colleagues are investing personal resources to improve our professional profiles and to be able to better contribute to the sustainable development of our countries. The high academic level you offer here has far more value than the amount of money we pay in tuition fees.



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