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Suzanne C. Ndomba

Legal Services Manager Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE)

I attended the training course on "Negotiation skills for the world of work" held at the ITC-ILO in November 2014.

The delivery of the programme at the Centre got everyone involved; the facilitators took into consideration the language difference and cultural background of each participant in the language they used, they were patient and ready to listen, and made each participant feel comfortable.

The training room was warm, considering it was the cold season and I had come from warm weather. There were also healthy breaks.

The training on negotiation skills has had a positive impact on my work, since as soon as I returned to Tanzania in November I was assigned to facilitate negotiations on salary adjustments with a cement company. In my role as facilitator I managed to be neutral as I understood the dynamics of negotiations, and I was able to help the parties (management and union) to reach a "win some, lose some" agreement.

The techniques I learnt on the course helped me to manage the group and understand the different vibes during negotiations. It was my job to clear the air when the going got tough.

The training has made me an asset to my organization because I can now handle negotiations. This has lightened the load for my organization as I can assist the Director in negotiations, whereas before he was the only person who could manage negotiations for members.



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