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Suruswadee Jaimsuwan

Legal Officer, Assistant to the Inspector-General, Ministry of Labour, Thailand. Three years ago I took part in the course on participatory labour law-making, and I simply want to share a little of my good experience at work with you.

After I came back to work for the Department, the Legal Division handed me the most challenging task: to draft an act complying with the Maritime Labour Convention. I gathered together officials from many Ministries for a few meetings to generate guidelines on what to do. As advised in the course, we set up a group to work on the drafting about a year later. After I had worked as the group’s secretary for a year, the department asked me to be a Deputy Director’s Assistant.

I have been given a great opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the workings of the law and also the way in which the Department truly administrates. Alongside being an executive’s assistant, I have also joined three working parties on law-making, as a member. Those working parties were mainly to amend the laws to comply with ILO Conventions Nos. 87 and 98, the Labour Relations Act, the Public Enterprise Labour Relations Act and the Health and Safety Act, and to draft a Maritime Labour Act.

I must say I owe you and ITC-ILO many thanks for the opportunity to participate in that course. The knowledge I gained has helped me tremendously. I hope that the legislation I have worked on will finally be presented to Parliament with high-quality legal back-up and, most important, will conform to the ILO’s Conventions.



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