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Ramon Fernando Carranza Discua

Undersecretary of State at the Ministry or Labour and Social Security, Honduras, who participated in the “International Labour Standards” training activity from 19 to 27 May


What were your institutional objectives in attending this training activity?

After the death of the person responsible at the Ministry of Labour, we had to decide who would undertake the task of drafting reports on ILO standards. This was the responsibility of the department of which I am in charge, so I decided to attend the course myself to learn about a new area, and in this respect my expectations have been completely fulfilled. The latest training methods are used, and the participants play a really active part.


What was your principal objective when you decided to take part in this course at the Turin Centre?

As a commercial lawyer, I did not know a great deal about labour-related issues so, from a personal point of view, one of my objectives was to broaden my understanding of this subject.  Where my Ministry is concerned, the results will be evident when it comes to compiling the next set of reports, for which I shall try to put into practice the training I have received.


Have these objectives been achieved so far?

I am very satisfied. The training materials have been very useful and this has certainly been an enriching experience. Being able to use a tablet has also facilitated the work in the classroom, as has the presence of interpreters.


Is this course relevant to your forthcoming participation in the International Labour Conference?

I am sure it will be a great help. This is the first time I shall be attending the International Labour Conference and I shall be there for six days. The course will help me to understand the workings of the ILO and the Conference.


What would you tell your colleagues about this course and the Turin Centre?

I have already thought about that. We have a Social Economic Council, to which tripartite dialogue is fundamental. We shall be organizing a day at which I shall have opportunity to present what I have learned and to talk about my experience of the Centre. This will make a very positive contribution to our tripartite dialogue.

Only yesterday, the President of the Republic proposed a new social protection law for the implementation of Convention 102. So what I have learned will be not be restricted to the Ministry of Labour, but will have a wider application.



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