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Nataliya Nikolova

Freelance researcher in youth development, migration studies and assessor at the National Centre for the Development of Human Resources – Bulgaria and participant in “Building Effective Youth Investment Programmes –issues for project design” , 5-11.10.2008

I was a participant in “Building Effective Youth Investment Programmes –issues for project design”, 5-11.10.2008. The whole content of the lectures, covering topics from programmes on youth employment, health issues and incentives for young people, presented us with many good practices for youth development and investment programmes.

The course organizers took into consideration the different profiles of participants from practitioners to researchers from all over the world, and this resulted in a good opportunity for comparative analysis and interesting discussions.

After so many years, in my work as a researcher, I am still in constant communication with some of the participants, to share policies and information.

I am now working on researching youth and immigration development and issues. I recently published my work on Bulgarian and European Immigration (, and I am also working on immigration and integration policies  in the Republic of Macedonia (



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