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Syed Saad Hussain Gilani, Project Manager, ILO Office for Pakistan

Participant in the Gender Academy, 21 November - 2 December 2011

The ILO and its constituents around the world pursue a wide range of activities that use gender mainstreaming as a strategy to achieve gender equality in the workplace. Such activities take place within the scope of each of the ILO's four strategic objectives; they all aim to achieve gender equality as a critical component of Decent Work. To meet this end effectively, the ILO partnered with 14 other UN Agencies for a joint project on “Towards Gender Parity in Pakistan (TGP)” at national level.

The ILO mandate, in this project, was to assess gender disparities in the “employment sector” and facilitate corrective measures at all levels. Key achievements of the TGP project are detailed in the enclosed brochure with a view for knowledge-sharing as well as providing a way forward in each of the following intervention areas:

  • Supporting Home Based Workers;
  • Promoting
  1. Gender-Responsive  Policies among Employers,
  2. Gender equality in trade unions,
  3. Gender Responsive Career Counselling,
  4. Women’s entrepreneurship;
  • Creating Equal Opportunities for Youth employment;
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment;
  • Integrating Women's Livelihood needs in Crisis-Response Activities;
  • Advocating Child Day-care Facilities at/near the Workplace;
  • Providing Decent Residential Facilities for Working Women;
  • Advocating Gender Equality in Construction Sector Jobs;
  • Developing a Knowledge Resource;
  • Building Capacity of Partners and Stakeholders.


Mr Gilani stated that “he and his colleagues were very impressed and inspired by the ITC Gender Academy and were encouraged to share the following achievements with the Centre:


  • A Provincial Government has announced the first-ever policy to support Home-Based Workers.
  • The Government made it mandatory for employers to provide Child Daycare facilities at/near the workplace.
  • The Government has also announced that all future housing facilities for workers will have equal allocation for male and female workers.
  • Banks have also announced a loan of up to PKR 2 million for women entrepreneurs to establish decent 'women’s hostels' in all major cities in one province.
  • The National Highways & Motorway Police has formally adopted the responsibility for ensuring Decent Public Transport for Working Women.”


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