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Julio César Franco Pérez

Lawyer, Labour Consultant, Peru. Participant in the course entitled "Trade union training in international labour standards and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its follow-up".

Impact of the course / activities

Shortly after completing the ITC-ILO course, I became the Technical Secretary of the CCSA, a position that, in addition to administrative functions, encompasses responsibility for organizing and running the technical teams of the CCSA, and providing support to all the bodies and organizations that comprise the CCSA, trying to develop their management capacity and impact in the areas prioritized by the Coordinating Body and the national trade union federations within it.

The ITC-ILO course gave me an overview of international labour standards (ILS) both at the conceptual level and regarding the current economic and social context, particularly that of the international crisis, which we know affects not only the economy but also employment, food, energy and the environment, and had already been unleashed when the course was held. Accordingly, ILS were also presented as essential components of a way out of the crisis, with the emphasis on generating productive employment in which rights are recognized and enjoyed.

An overview of the most relevant areas of standards produced by the ILO, especially those linked to fundamental principles and rights at work and to decent work, followed by a look at processes and procedures for preparation, approval, submission, ratification and denunciation of ILS, together with the bodies and procedures involved in general and special supervision by the ILO, provided us with all the tools necessary to insert them into union strategies and programmes.

Together with the fellow-unionists in my organization, the CCSA, I launched a process of identifying our institutional priorities and formulating them more precisely, particularly in those areas.

The main thrust was to make the promotion and defence of decent work a clear priority that is central to all our programmes and activities, especially those concerning trade union training and communications, with a special emphasis on the Andes region - Bolivia , Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela - in line with the strategies and programmes of the trade union movement on the whole continent.



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