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Judermi T. García Betancourt

Regional Executive of Carabobo State, Venezuela.

My name is Judermi T. García Betancourt and I work for the Regional Executive of Carabobo State, Venezuela. I have worked in the civil service for 15 years. In 2005, I was elected by my peers to be Secretary-General of the Union of Public Employees of Carabobo State.

My participation in the workshop entitled “Trade union training in work, family and freedom of association” in Santiago, Chile, in May 2009, run by the International Training Centre of the ILO, allowed me to reshape my vision of trade union action in my home country and within my organization as regards issues like gender mainstreaming in union organizations and the family relationships of women trade unionists. I was also able to share and develop competency models with a set of fellow unionists with different visions and experience, but with a single goal.

Since then, together with my fellow unionists, I have been implementing an action plan based on union competencies within the organization. We are currently revising my union’s statutes to include issues such as the cross-cutting nature of gender, empowering women in trade unionism, the decent work agenda and its pillars, freedom of association, and the international ILO Conventions that my country has signed and ratified.

We have also succeeded in getting a donation of land by a mayor in Carabobo State on which to build our headquarters and run a union training school, a project that we are really getting into.

I want to express my thanks for the opportunity I was given, and to congratulate the multidisciplinary team of the Programme for Workers’ Activities on their work based on training, which is a fundamental tool in defending workers’ rights.

Thanks from Venezuela!



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