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Indika Karunaratne

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

I attended the OpenECB Check course in April 2014. It gave me a good insight into eLearning quality assurance.

I once considered the quality assurance of learning and education to be a challenging task, regardless of the mode of teaching and learning. I also believed that it was more difficult in eLearning environments, when thinking of the more intuitive and qualitative assessments done on learning environment and activities.

However, OpenECBCheck introduced me a simplified, formalized and streamlined process of eLearning quality assurance through the Quality Framework, Toolkit and Criteria, and the practices of self-assessments and peer reviews.

The learning collaboration during the course was very interesting and productive. There were eLearning practitioners from Asia, Europe, and Africa, and a set of skilled and motivated facilitators. Together we learned that across the continents, it’s the same expectation: better learning in better learning environments.

Good Luck OpenECBCheck !!



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