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Gloria Solórzano Espinosa

President, CUT Peru Women's Network and Bureau. My name is Gloria Solórzano Espinosa, I am the president of the CUT Peru Women's Network and Bureau. My own organization is the Self-Employed Women Market Traders’ Network. We are a national network within the CUT Peru Confederation of Workers, and have 16 regional area networks, with four more soon to be added.

I would like to tell you how helpful to self-employed women and those in the informal economy it is to take part in dialogue and negotiation, especially on gender issues, and thereby to strengthen and promote women's leadership. Where we work, over 70% of the workers are women. We believe that the twenty-first century will be the century of women.

What I liked most about the "Work, family and freedom of association" course were the activities on "Action for Equality," and the subjects of gender, social dialogue and collective bargaining.

We have started holding workshops and training within the local networks, telling people how important it is to know how to negotiate, and how to identify with the gender issue.

Results: We have started making changes to the statutes, creating gender units in the core and area networks. Support groups for the gender units have been set up. Women are taking a bigger part in dialogue and collective bargaining. Places have been created that offer support and care in the education of children, under the impetus of women traders. The biggest result is women trained in leadership now fighting for positions as leaders in their workplace. As part of the drive for equity and equal opportunities for men and women, regional workshops with the unions were held, together with the central office, on the gender implications of the ratification of Conventions 183 and 156. And we could list more topics. In all of this, we are making progress with the support of our CUT Peru central office, the ILO, the NGO ADC, Alternativa, and Intermon Oxfam, whom I thank for their support, especially the Programme for Workers’ Activities representatives and their workshop, and my good friend Rebeca Torada. My best wishes to you all.



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