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Bermet Musakozhoeva

Director of the CLMU APAP- Credit Line Management Unit/ Agricultural Productivity Assistance Project, PIU CB PFM – Project Implementation Unit for Capacity Building in Public Financial Management, PIU CB PSIA - Project Implementation Unit for Capacity Building: Public Sector Internal Audit, Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN

Participant in training activity on “Selection and recruitment of consultants in World Bank-funded projects”, 08/12/2014 – 12/12/2014


Our Project Implementation Unit has implemented World Bank (WB) projects for many years. Adhering to procedures is one of the most important functions that directly affect the outcome of our work.  We try to keep our staff updated with advanced training in relevant areas. We identified the Centre as one of the best places for training on WB procurement procedures.

The Centre is a unique training facility, whose specific assets include a pool of expertise in several development areas and capacity-building, in-depth knowledge of the specific social, economic and cultural conditions of different countries and regions and a worldwide network of partner institutions and resource persons.

The Centre also has close links with the ILO and the entire United Nations system, and we are happy with its strong client orientation, evaluation and tailored services.

We utilised its advanced information and communication technology, and its modern residential facilities at the campus in Turin.

It is important for us that the Centre attracts direct practitioners in donor project implementation as trainers. The acquired knowledge and skills are now being successfully applied in our units.




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